Quasar Head A08

$30.00 $24.00

QUASAR is a French brand known for its flagship product, the first thermal head. The RAAS is the brand’s latest product, a sophisticated thermal head that has been redesigned to ensure a perfect product.  The glass bowl provides even heat distribution, which greatly enhances the flavor experience. The aluminum used for the heating system is of high quality and effectively maintains heat during the session. This ensures that you receive even and consistent heat throughout the session. In addition to its luxurious aesthetics, the silicone parts of the QUASAR RAAS mouthpiece allow for safe and easy movement without the risk of burns.

The interior of the heating system has been redesigned to prevent the charcoal from going out by using small pins to support the charcoal at the bottom. The double wall of the heating system prevents the ash of the charcoal from falling into the bowl, to preserve the flavors as much as possible. The QUASAR RAAS can reach its full potential with only 2 cube coals.